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Part 1: Two Ghanian Teacher's Perspective on Remote Teaching during a Pandemic

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Kaye (Maths and ICT for grades 6, 5, and 4)

This is a worrying moment for all of us. I have been reaching out to some of the children through phone calls. Their parent’s [have] phones [for] just about 5% of the children in the school. I sometimes see some of them in my neighborhood. I have missed them but there is nothing I can do.

When it started, I was using phone calls to give out school work to some of the kids. But that lasted for only three days because it was very expensive to make the calls and I was only reaching out to a small number too. We hope giving them the work in groups will help. I think we are starting that on Monday as a school.

Augustus (English and Creative Arts for grades 6, 5, and 4)

Everyone is disturbed about children in general in this pandemic, but the precautionary measures to this COVID 19 have gone down well to these kids. They have been teaching their parents on the preventive measures at home. The children don’t learn at all at home. What I have observed is that, children usually study a lot because of exams. They’re currently aware that there are no exams ahead of them so all their books are on vacation now.

A group chat for parents would’ve been the best way to reach out to these children especially for the safety of both the children and well as teachers. But most parents have ‘yam phones’ but no smart ones and some of them have never heard of WhatsApp at all in their lifetime.

I think currently giving out school work to group of children will be the best alternative but we hope we don’t risk our lives too much. Mr. Kwame should make sure we have enough hand sanitizers.

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