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Part 2: Perspectives of Teaching During COVID-19 -Word from a Teacher and Parent of a Student at DKA

Pricilla ( Kindergarten Two)

Staying at home will affect their [the students] studies badly. I have been seeing some of these kids in my neighborhood. I always advice them to learn but who monitors? I have developed love and am used to being with them all the time so I have missed them a lot and also bored staying at home.

I think when things come back to normal there will be extra burden on we the teachers. Most the children will forget the foundation we established. To me, repetition during normal class helps in learning but for now, they have been at home for over 7 weeks and this will affect all the kids in my class. Parents should reduce the farms a little bit and stay with children.

Florence, Parent

I am a head teacher of a government school (primary division). My boy is in grade one at Divine Kids Academy. I personally try to help him at home with some teaching but I have also been going to my farm as well. This is a good opportunity for me to take advantage to work more in my Farms. More holidays for teachers “hahahaha”.

I try to help my son in the evenings. Majority of these children are not doing anything at home. I have been seeing them.

I hope what the school planned to do helps. I spoke with “Grandpa” Mr. George Appiah Kubi and I think their plan works. Parents need to supervise the work the teachers will be giving.

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