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Teachers Rise, As They Always Do.

All over America and across the world, schools have closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. With the uncertainty of when schools will be reopening, students, parents, and teachers alike are becoming creative with how instruction looks in distance learning. Teachers are now adapting their hands on lessons to work in virtual or remote settings that still provide meaningful instruction to their students.

One thing to consider during this pandemic is the vast array of different resources schools are able to provide to their students during this unprecedented time. Some schools are able to provide electronic devices for each child, while other schools are relying solely on paper packets, both here in the United State and across the globe. This is only one factor of many that plays into our children’s education. Student’s socioeconomic status, enrichment resources, and parent involvement also have shown to create a huge impact in student's success in school, and this is observed now more than ever.

If students are sharing devices with their siblings, or are having to help contribute financially to their household, it is ludicrous that we are asking them to participate in instruction at the same pace and comprehension as their peers who reside with different circumstances.

Society is asking teachers and students to facilitate learning while we are in the middle of a global pandemic. Although it is almost inevitable that a majority of students will lose out on some instruction during this time, at no fault of any party, we as a community need to keep faith in our educators that they will get our students where they need to be upon the reopening of schools.

Teachers are, and will continue to rise to the challenge, as they always do.

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