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More than just a computer lab

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Children should have the universal right to a quality and equal education. From this belief, Divine Kids Academy (DKA) strives to provide a firm foundation for quality education- just read their mission statement, or better yet, visit the school to see how they live that mission statement each and every day. (Seriously, go visit. It's great.)

From our conversations with the founder of the school, Kwame, DI works to support the school by sending $700 twice a year- once in January, and again in June. Myself (Grace) and Kwame discussed the current needs of DKA in January and what DI contributions can be used for to support the children in the upcoming year.

Fortunately, DKA has other partners who are working with us for a common goal of a child's education. A group of New Jersey partnered with DKA to provide computers to the students.

Kwame stated a need for an infrastructure to house a computer lab. While donations of the computers is wonderful, an environment to house technology is crucial for both the maintenance of the computers and the learning environment for the children. It takes a village, and we are happy to do our small part for the greater good.

Below is a breakdown of how the $700 donation was used to build the computer lab. (You can also watch the video for the visual of the ongoing and completed project on the website. It's pretty neat if you haven't checked it out yet.)

Workmanship for the Computer Laboratory:

Masons = 1,500 (cedi) = $271 (USD)

Carpenter = 750 (cedi) = $136 (USD)

Electrician = 850 (cedi) = $154 (USD)

Tiler = 635 (cedi) = $155 (USD)

But it's more than just a computer lab. We invested in the community. We invested in the craftsmanship and talent in the area. We invested in the carpenter, who may use the extra money and buy a new fabric from the local store that he wouldn't have before. The women who sells the fabric may cross the street and buy three Coca-Colas for her children. Investing in a community creates a ripple effect throughout the entire area.

We appreciate you trusting us with your donations to invest not only in DKA, but in the Jukwa community.


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